Site archéologique de Glanum

Visit a Gallic oppidum built around a sacred spring.

The monument is open

History of the monument

An ancient city outside Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Over a century of archaeological excavation on the site at Glanum has revealed an outstanding collection of architectural relics. The local elite made good use of the natural resources, an endless water supply and limestone, to endow the city with  monumental decoration that is unique in Provence. 

Set in the heart of the Alpilles mountains, at a major crossroads, the Gallic city is steeped in Greek and Roman influences and found prosperity from the 2nd century B.C.  

From the belvederes, enjoy an exceptional view of the site before experiencing the healing properties of the sacred spring.


To ensure the safety of our visitors, the monument is strictly applying the security measures decided by the french authorities.
The monument is fully opened.

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